Bob’s Story

‘From a Mess to a Message’

‘From a Helpless laborer on the streets of Mumbai to an Inspirational speaker touching thousands of lives across generations’

Bob’s story is being penned into an autobiography which will be in stores soon, However this fellow with his trade mark smile has roughed it out literally with lack of basic needs being met & being deserted by his father when he was a toddler, struggling to make a living for his family, to being rejected even by a courier company once, to being a laborer earning daily wages each day. Today he lives his life’s call to reach out to large audiences of hungry dreamers who want to live beyond their current situations to achieving unfathomable goals.

Today he is privileged to be invited by some of the largest corporates & top notch organization to inspire dreams one audience at a time.

Bob’s Musical Fusion through Human Percussion & Drumming!

Stomp. Clap. Jump. Shout. Roll…

Whether it is a Reward & Recognition event, Employee team building intervention, leadership meet or an offsite, we know you want to let your team experience something ‘out of the ordinary’ & that’s what we have lined up for you.

Using artistic skills in music, dramatics, human percussion, painting- Bobby creates out of the box learning experience with a purpose.

Using the science & healing power of music, Drum Circle, human Percussion, he is able to help people harness the power of team collaboration, adaptability & drawing learning’s that connect to their everyday work & life challenges within an

Helping teams who have never played rhythm to try out their hands at drums. Learning one simple beat to creating complex inter team’s rhythmic euphoria & melodious orchestra.

So whether you have a team of 25 or 150 ,500 or even a 700…1000 or a 10,000 we will help your team to experience magic with humor & whole loads of experiential learning.