A Big Hello from Bobby D’souza,

One of the special moment I gladly wait for each day is the quite time in the crazy schedules that crops up.

Today particularly, during my morning Quite time ,I had the privilege of listening to Anthony Robbins talking about ‘What builds your Belief to bring massive Results’.

A result that only people dream about & put it in a ‘wish list’ bucket that they sulk about day in & day out… till days becomes a month, a year & a decade .Slowly your dreams starting rusting out like a brand new crockery that is taken out only when guest show up.

One of my greatest inspiration from this amazing learning experence was the element of how Tony broke down the key to massive results in 4 simple buckets & I will be happy sharing it with you beloved reader,

1.Potential 2. Action 3. Result 4. Belief.

Think about it, when we see potential in something ,whether it is a business proposition as an entrepreneur, a potential job oppurtunity that will fetch you the big growth & the cherised career move,a business network oppurtunity, a relationship that you are aiming to build or a honoury title that you like to see before your name title!

The greater the potential you forsee ,the larger the Action you will take, the larger the ‘Action’ you take will offcourse lead to massive ‘Results’, When you recieve massive results it will spur stronger magnetizing belief in your deepest spriit..which off course is great news for you ..isnt it ?

The only challenge is …what if you dont see any potential even in a great oppurtunity for you to begin with. ,how will it impact your action, lowsy isnt it ? ..you may not be motivated to take any action at all ..& when you dont take any action …how will your mental & emotional state be ..’dull as a wooden log lying around without being crafted into a million dollar furniture of great value!

No ‘action’ off course will lead to ‘no’ or ‘little result ‘ & offcourse little result will lead to little or no belief proving to your cynical self ‘I told you I cannot do it ‘ didnt I ? or ‘I told you it cannot happen!’

So how do you see a potential in something that impacts your action ..results & your belief.

The Answer is the amount of ‘Certainity you have ‘ about something you want to achieve that will lead to the massive action you wanna take.

Let’s say ..like me you want to reach a million people across the globe with the message of inspiration & hope..is there a potential ..offcourse huge potential…but is it difficult ..yes you bet it is ..

But the cross road of change will come with the level of ‘Certainity’ I have.. that willl fuel my motivation to take massive action…leading to massive results & burning a deep fire within me to believe !

So my quesiton is ..’ what would you like to be 100 % certain about before you see it being achieved into large massive results ‘?

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By Bobby Dsouza

Keynote -Motivational Speaker, Trainer & Musican