She sat in quietness when there was an uproar of cheerful glee around her
Children beckoning her to join them in the crackers ignite
In the festivity of lights & hope, she sobbed with a darkened future & tears
In the silence of the night tugged- she in an embroidered cushy pillow
She is awakened deep in fear,
At the slightest sound of the wind hauling around

Scared to death that her predators might jump through the window
And defile her,hurt her for a temporarily fleet of lust once again
The way that Uncle whom she revered, his grey-bearded hair and the way he gently spoke,
With tenderness and compassion as if.
Little did she knew that the hand that caressed her were snakes venom,
to poison her spirit – soul and her child like dream
She shudders with scars of pain deeply embedded in her deepest being
Oh only if this abuse was a mere night dream
But was it…it was not
Death seemed the only alternative
And finding one at the pharmacy close,
Pills of suicidal was the natural choice to the helpless hellbound child
Yes I m a victim of darkness graver then the black money controversial social tweet and hashtag monotony
I will never be able to trust a man,
My teacher..my school friends..and even that elderly neighbour rapist he.
In my fear I tried knitting my eyes shut
I heard a sudden thud at my door
I covered my fear in the blanket below
I felt a touch caressing my hair
I wanted to scream & shout as sweat drops filled my darkened eyebrow
I mustered courage and muttered ‘ leave me alone u devil’
Not again ,please not yet again!
But then a voice feebly sounded, a voice a little familiar to this beautiful kid
Rita it’s me your brother my dear
Your childhood buddy,your sibling so near
I am your companion and not your foe,
Me recognising that known voice
Not able to hold those wounded tears
I burst out in a flood of saga mixed with salty tears
Ankit held onto my hand tightening the grip in his utter disbelief
listening intently & quietly & seeing through the broken hope
Until a point I could see his eyes reddened with pain for her sisters darkened plight
He held me closely and I embraced his long-awaited warmth
A remembrance of my dear father who was far away gone
This time the touch was of a Shephard love for his little lost sheep
Words of compassion sounded like breath of hope in an isolated barren land
You are of great value to us my little dearest sister ,our kido!
and that will never ever change and that we will never ever exchange !
Making me stand on my feet with his angel like nobility

Looked he in my eyes &  spoke to my weary heart

You are safe here.. for the darkness has passed

You are safe here for the storm has withered
Your justice we will get in a bit.
.Your predators will be brought to the book soon,very soon

But lift up your eyes and see
The crackers they burst,the children they sing
They call you to join in ..they call you to live.
For someone has defiled a mortal body but your spirit is not defiled yet!
Your eyes still can sing that hope , your dreams can still blossom fragrance crushed when it is.
Opening my eyes with a smile of hope within..
This mess that I went through will become a message for someone failing dream
Yes ! I am no longer hopeless because someone picked me from the raging waves of storm

For  hope caressed me,love cared for me,kindness listened to my narrative and faith stood by me all along.
I am forever free for you my friend ,Yes You stand by me