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When you invite Bobby to your event, you are literally inviting a spark to light up dreams that might have been washed out in the daily work transactions or people who are waiting to move to their next highest potential. Bobby is known for his highly energetic, passionate raw message with a sprinkle of humor, anecdotes, Impersonation & Music to add to to the learning flavor. Prior to every seminar he spends a good amount of time investing in identifying the ‘root cause of a learning need’ rather then just glancing to the ‘surface fruit’. Invite Bobby to experience genuine inspiration that provokes behavioral change, leadership revisioning, team rejuvenation and an entire concert like experience that is sure to fuel ‘live’ transformation by the end of the keynote message. Bob is known to ask some edgy questions to provoke champions to live up to their higher calling resulting in lasting change that show up over time. When you invite Bobby -Expect heart to be spurred & dreams to be ignited then & there!

Keynote Topics

What’s Your Limit – Keys to Exponential Increase (Motivational Breakthrough /Breaking sales Physiological Barriers)

Learn to identify one of the biggest lies we keep telling ourselves that hampers us in achieving the unfathomable. The program hovers around challenging your Limits & subconscious patterns & helps you in making a paradigm shift to achieving your exponential Best as a Team, as a leader ,individual & organization.


Disruptive Thinkers – Change the Rule of the Game (Inspirational walkthrough the most Disruptive Innovators mindsets)

Helping Leaders, professionals, & Influencers understand the powerful formulae of the Industry Best Business Innovators of success. Draw in a culture of Disruptive Innovation to ‘Change the Rule of the Game’ in their line of Industry, deliver value to the market & accelerate exponential growth.


Team Awesome (Powerful Learning’s with Musical – Human percussion & Drumming Experience)

This is a fun, high energy, creative evoking experiential musical seminar wherein senior leaders & team get a hands on experience learning Human Percussion & drumming lessons from Bobby’s musical skill imbibing Great Leadership & Team growth lessons from the musical orchestrated experience…


The Aspiration to the Everest ( Unlocking Keys to High Exponential Team Growth)

This seminar draws large team to unlocking keys to “how champion Teams achieve great growth,” build & lead the market The discussion hovers over the amazing story of the ‘mountain way’ of mountaineers who conquered the Everest & The people who had a fatal end ,thinking that they could do it all alone. The Learning takes you through the amazing Power teams mantra of John Maxwell’s legendry teachings


From Networking to Winning Big -Quicker (Personal & Professional/Sales/marketing)

Powerful Lessons of networking from ordinary to extraordinary to accelerate your business, personnel & professional growth from Successful business Networkers in the world.


Inspirational Leadership (Leadership Breakthrough)

This is a thought provoking keynote on Learning how to become a leader who does not just be a leader by his designation but learns to build credibility, builds relationship, earns awe respect & creates an atmosphere of deep trust ,camaraderie & passion in his ever growing team through lessons from the Inspirational Leader ,Servant leadership & Role modelling Being the fast paced leader who adapts, is inclusive & high on Influence


Your Brand this 2017 (Building your Personal Brand this 2017)

Learning the highly critical elements of identifying your current brand positioning ,why it’s important for you to achieve your financial, personal & professional growth, Learning the importance of the Inside- Out change for influencing your brand positioning


Painting the Picture of Your Life’ (Youth Empowerment)

Empowering the youth is at the heart of his Keynote –motivational speaking inspirational messages in Universities & colleges, He digs deep into helping large youth groups in seminars to identify their deep passion, dreams & Goals. Create an inner character that helps them to achieve their best through his high octane, humorous, dramatic interactive learning experience


Unlocking the Sales Genius

One of the key needs of every sales professional is to get ignited every time one gets disillusioned due to setbacks ,delays & even change in market conditions .This keynote message helps a sales professional to build the inside powerhouse by learning sales skills, street smartness ,building on sales nuances & learning secrets of some of the biggest sales rockstars.


Critical Thinking

The critical thinkers with a VUCA world , the ever changing market dynamics, & the large number of competitors, it is highly important for teams, leaders & almost every department to be a critical thinker. Learning how to strategically think , Explore a huge list of problem solving solutions through the art of “Mind Mapping”. This seminars helps the delegates to explore unfathomable thinking potential that they never knew existed.


Creating Raving Fans

The modern customers are smart, demanding & not necessarily loyal to one organisation for life. In this service excellence message we explore the secrets to decoding the modern customers mind-set, real need, creating an aroma in every customer interaction. You will learn how to create strategic “ Magic” at every customer touch points. You will also learn the secrets to making your customers your raving fan.

Breakthrough Coaching Interventions

Tons of testimonies of lives being impacted professionally, Leadership Development, Career acceleration, personal Growth, family relationship being built through coaching interventions that he has been part of.