If you wanna reach the peak
The altitude of your Everest ,
You got to be meek ,
Because no matter how high you think you are
However, thick your strength & intelligence speaks
The mountain dares will make you feel absolutely miserably weak
The climb will display it is taller then you are
If you think you can do it all alone
take caution my friend

For the summit, climb will play foul
It will test you ..the severe winter unending haul
The steep hills will create doubt in your highest call
It Will question your narrative ‘I can do it all alone’
Bringing in long stoppages, aches & lonely night growls
So while you prepare & gear up your pack
for the long howl…


Take cooperation…as your tale to your dream
For if you wanna achieve less
Do it solo & settle for Less
But if you want exponential ‘that’s the Everest
Then find strength in camaraderie my friend

For you will need many hands to carry your loads

While you carry theirs in the steep cliff & channel

For in the hurts & the wounds ,who will apply the balm

Who will encourage you to go on ?

when the dream looks nothing more then a long illusion
Because one is too small a number to achieve your Greatest Best
Find power my friend in us because me is always lesser then we
For Everest can be vast but we can mount on the peak & overcome even this mighty feat…
…Together !