As the season of festivity draws near
Mounting up every penny becomes significantly dear
For my family deserves the best ,For they are my closest
My daughter deserves the stunning dress as a princess she is to me
My son loves a whole lots of superstar tees ,
After all , no lesser then a valuable asset he is to me
My lovely partner aspires a high-end Moto g..
The gadget she bought some time back no longer suits her new
Gucci & Dolce Gabbana spree,
Exciting party , extravagant spending ,Your fortune will showcase
I gotta raise my class is your new anthem craze
Nothing less than a Raymond’s & the Zara will I settle for..
I have laboured so hard ,late nights have I given
it’s time to spend on my dream
Otherwise whom did I do all this for ?
After all …the festive season are just ready & on..
But do you have minute to spare ,may I ask !
The domestic maid who does the insignificant help at your daily dwelling task
She does have a tiny little girl who also means the universe to her
The little not so neat girl has a wish list too that she is reminding her mother day in & day out all -together,
We cannot afford it . .are the words she hears in her tiny little ear!
Why the hell do u even ask ?
A present I never received when I was little
Aren’t you expecting too much ,now that you are like me ?
A Tear trickles down her cute little face
She whispers ‘Angels are only part of a fantasy world!
The Big Billion day arrives ,quick’ hit! the wish list button for your new buy !
before the online congestion fast beams!
The aroma of desserts, festival sweets,of delicacy that your mama cooks fills
your senses deep,
It’s time to Celebrate .a thanksgiving,a Diwali,a Christmas and a Eid!

But can the tasty aroma be shared with just a few extra spoons for the folks around the corner of the wretched street
for the people who have had not a meal are starving  before they stop to exist
Those who ‘r starving  before they stop to exist
Can  your shopping list include a dream wish list for daughters of
the less fortunate housemaid
For even she is a beautiful princess to her wonderful mother
The little boy of the man at the street corner.
Wanders the shops selling Tees ,
in his mind he is also making a wishlist
how would he love look wearing the Super star Tees
Don’t you think laughter increases when a little pinch of
joy is added to someone’s misery & grief
Are you ready to spend a minute equal to fifteen
To teach that snail speed learner ,possibly the little fellow who just turned thirteen.
If each one ,brings a little extra for the someone you just thought about!
Successful we shall see a Big Billion smiles all around you & me!
So decide ,do you have someone’s dream that you will ignite
After all …the festive season are just ready & on..
By Bobby D’souza