This morning in my early morning reflection moment ,I saw a Rocket trail -smoke high in the sky… I pondered on the Unlimited potential that man holds in his powerful oneself, the ability to reach out to space by an idea birthed deep into an ordinary man’s mind of creating a spacecraft that pierces the sky to reach beyond human sight , if only mankind knew its true power ,they would not be helplessly scouting for a life limited to just shelter ,scrums of food & the latest brand of clothing to hide their insecurity & to balm their image !

Let’s recheck what was discovered over the recent past,
From thinking of reaching the impossible moon to planning colonies of human habitation on the reddish coloured planet -Mars.



From taking a week to deliver a hand written letter to a click of a button & a double blue tick indicating that your message has been seen but not replied to, moreover to fulfilling a girls crave to make her look beautiful by a new purchase with a click of a button thousands of miles away , from walking & riding horses day in & day out to creating flying cars to minimize traffic on the overburdened roads , from struggling to climb a 3 storey building with a little tummy termed as obese to mounting the summit of the 29000 feet Everest without Oxygen & limited Limbs.
From attempting to skip a meal to missing out food cravings for days & night to build a physique that eyes will drool at, from staying focused on violence & killing for years to creating the biggest peace rally bringing in people from almost all races under one tent, from waiting for a delayed telegraph to speaking to someone millions of miles away deep into space within a few seconds , from scribbling a flawed school map when you were a tiny tod to creating google maps that determines the weather ,the vicinity & the dense traffic right across the earth,

Luc Vincent, Google Engineering Director, demonstrates how Google captures images in hard to reach places with Street View Trekker at the Google offices in San Francisco California
If that wasn’t enough then here is more : from trying to create fire from 2 rocks to creating Electricity in small rural areas by man’s own effort of peddling a pair of modified bicycles, from trying to own one little house with a lifetime savings to creating man-made largest tropical Island for the rich & the super – famous in Dubai , it would be an understatement to describe humans potential that states from creating a house brick by brick to creating the ‘Great wall of China ‘that is even visible from the moon, from buying a printout sheet for for a few cents to creating the amazing 3d printers that can create the unthinkable ,from making the first motion picture without a sound to creating the Jungle book animals come alive all within the comfort of a studio, from struggling to catch the local taxi to sharing experiences of travelling the world with hardly any money at a TEDx , from trying to learn swimming in your local pool to crossing the belt of Atlantic with pure human will power.
These are just a few of the many amazing proofs of mankind gift of the humongous energy within them that if utilised correctly can change the future of this world for good.

‘As the man Thinketh so he is ‘!
And you think your world is over in the circle of your partner who broke-up with you, or your manager who did not appreciate you enough, As it is correctly written’ Without vision people perish’, Let me ask you-is your vision limited to a mere scouting for food,a little increment or a dejected self when the investor rejected your startup idea for the third time.



Today ! Tap into this inspiration of men & women who with a simple idea & sheer determination changed the course of history forever,take that leap of faith to harness the power of your true undiscovered human potential. You are just like some of these great inventors only at another age ,another time & possibly a different geography! You are far greater than you can think, you are a champion in the making It’s time to claim your unfathomable destiny that has been crafted and written for you !
You are an inventor of something great -remember your childhood days endeavour ?What’s the idea that’s on your mind?
For I saw a rocket smoke trail in the sky today – We also shall create a trail in the sky high above even after this temporary body departs! We are History makers in the making !