What if the werewolf of Hate & fight did not exist

what if relationship at home did not have hurt or hurting as a daily dessert served hot,

What a world would it be like,
where love was a universal language beyond fences & ego trips Where personalities wouldn’t be treated in accordance with price tags.
What if feeling of being ignored & time to persuade someone to not take offence wouldn’t be needed

Imagine rainfall without the wrath of floods surging over innocent homes
Imagine heat only warming against winter & not spelling blisters to the shelterless
You & I might say …
things there are, which may not be in our control
However, may I say …
things there are that are in the hands of man, kind he could choose to be….
Count the seconds, the minutes the hours & days
that are consumed in blood boiling resentment & hatred
who has your vengeance served,
who has it helped, the punisher or the punished,
who has the ‘I will not forgive you’ blessed…
the one cursing out loud…
or is it the one abusing himself in tears of silence
deep in the disabled agony day in & day out

Oh man-kind ..its time to live true to your name given by your creator,
will you give up your expectation for someone else to be perfect,
ideal to your specific disciplined rule oh commander,
pause & consider for a moment oh you mighty warrior,
just as your mother sees your dictionary of weaknesses & messes
, chooses she still to forget & let go…
just as you can forgive yourself of a blunder you once committed,
just as you desire to be understood, loved & off course given a second ,a fourth & a sixtieth chance,

what if the evening belt to your three-year-old & your thirty years old
better half wouldn’t be the sounds at your home
what if they transformed to surprises & kisses of sleep
with a soft lullaby whispered to your loved one as the last notification
that could be heard in the dark nite

what if your evening welcome to a tired loved one returning from work
wouldn’t be the silence of anger,
of a volcano erupting in a fury of tantrums
what if it would be a welcome of love sprinkled tea & smile.
dipped in the aroma of ‘our bond is more important than the argument
that happened this morning or so’…
Imagine a world where your smile would radiate your home
imagine a world where your kindness would win over a terrible enemy
imagine…as you let go of the pain & the heinious words of your father…
of your beloved enemy who was a friend too ..long ago or so

what if angels lived on earth being a messenger of peace
what if that angel would be you …..
Oh ‘man-kind’ would you live true to your name
the name your creator bestowed on you!
what if you realized the power to love is a choice
you & I could make right now
to make this world become just like our ‘Imagine’