Bobby Dsouza

When I Fall,

a thud, a bruise, a tainted face of mine

Oh that’s painful, hurting & that’s weird!

This condition has to be dodged

But how do I?

Hope no one saw, my failure & me together!

Who is responsible for this shaming oh!

showing my fist of anger to the empty sky!

what the hell! why me? cried my soul as it lay low.

while I tried to hide my face as passersby saw

the little obnoxious fallen me!

But let’s look a little closer, a little beyond the tears & the misery of the fallen me!

When I Fall,

I come closer to my original selfless self

When I Fall,

I am reconnected as if to my child like laughter

to days gone by when you and I weren’t embarrassed & still spoke chit chat chatter!

no matter how many times we fell bottom down on the dirt filled muck

We embraced the earth & started our conquest to discover something unusual & found happiness rebound!

When I Fall,

It’s not the end of the world, no it’s not,

even if it seems …

It is possibly an end to a high massaged male ego

that wasn’t ready to give ears to someone’s counsel sometime back

that heart which needed a dose of humility to rise from the lurking shadows,

to Shine forth the way I should have a very long time ago

Blog-Bobby Dsouza

When I Fall,

It displays a one off occurrence of your life story

But mind you only an episode, not the entire film roll

When you Fall,

You feel there is no hope, no conquest & no roads ahead

A closure of the gates of your fortune destiny you beg

Do you realise

that your fall holds the nut bolts plug

of the floodgates of your monumental enlarge

the doors to the victor’s sceptres shine

When I fall,

I think I have fallen in the mud

the embarrassment, the shame that has stained my image

the reputation that we for years I have maintained

But quiten your spirit, my dear friend

for it draws you to the residue of muck that has been lying deep inside your very heart

beyond the reputation, the success & the partial picture that people see!

When I Fall,

The pain nourishes your soul

it helps you to take the time to wash, rinse & drain the failing residue

to transform you to build the courageous you

building a character that radiates readiness to dare

to gaze out of the lonely never ending tunnel I have fallen into

with eyes of fiery faith saying that’I will triumph in this…

even in this injury will I enlarge, will I dominate, will I grow

breath, heights & skyscraper increase

for isn’t that my life’s request

When I fall,

I gotta explore new depths of my potential that I noticed never before

For when I fall,

My creator holds open the road to a far larger view

Then I could have fathomed when I set my lonesome pursuit….

For when I fall,

I got to change & in the transformation that I embrace on the dirt filled earth

I will learn to achieve my dreams, my passion but more importantly my life’s true call