Bobby Dsouza

It is easy to keep your head down and follow the norm. True change is when you defy convention. Changing perspectives requires unconventional methods that go beyond the ordinary. And what can be more unconventional and exciting than music?

Bobby Dsouza enlivens keynotes and events with African Djembe and Human Percussion. The intention is to help participants have a fun, rhythmic experience by creating music themselves. Human Percussion creates music with one of the most powerful instruments ever- the human body! Bobby guides the crowd in making directed sounds with their own bodies. Gradually, as people find their rhythm, beats start to come together.

Keynote & off-site engagement with Human Percussion and Drumming

Human Percussion is an excellent engagement method to engage diverse cross-functional teams to come together as one large team. Team-building at its finest! It is an innovative way to help teams learn how to share goals. A common vision can be built through this communal feeling. Be it building a sense of pride for the organisation, helping people connect during a fresh merger, conferring rich insights on team performance- Bobby channels the art of Human Percussion to teach the value of collaborative growth. Just like creating music, building an organization is all about people working together to create something that would be beyond them if tried alone, but is made possible when they do it together.

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