Bobby Dsouza

If big audiences aren’t your thing and you are looking for something more personal and intimate for your next event then your search is over! In addition to delivering public keynote speeches and seminars, Bobby Dsouza’s magic extends to smaller groups too through master class workshop and motivational training workshop

This is due to the fact that long speeches just don’t do it for some people and they need a slightly more intimate environment and one-on-one attention. In that case, the master class workshop and Keynote Speaker Workshop could be a more proactive solution. Size of the audience doesn’t matter to Bobby Dsouza’s knowledge and his desire to help people. All his workshops on motivational training are delivered with equal zeal and enthusiasm.

These workshops are created with the intention to inspire you, challenge you and help you discover yourself better. If you wish to enhance your team’s skills and areas of expertise, then a focused, private keynote speaker workshop could be your answer. Bobby’s dynamic master class workshop profoundly impacts the emotional and mental quotients of his listeners in a positive manner. These personal classes help him cater better to the individual needs of each member of the audience.

Your team may be excellent at one area of expertise but may stumble with others. Developing interpersonal and behavioural attributes in this case is an absolute requirement in order to keep the stakeholders engaged.

Bobby Dsouza, through his master class and motivational training workshop, imparts highly transformative insights to build the right mindset amongst his audience. Armed with these insights, people can efficiently adapt to the needs of their industry where they also learn how to better interact with others and foster positive relationships along the way.

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