Bobby Dsouza

“Picture yourself daring to try something new, syncing to electronic drums, captivated by world music with your musician-motivational speaker”

Imagine the stage is set; your team, after numerous presentations, craves a uniquely high-energy experience. Picture yourself in this transformative journey, syncing with electronic drums, immersed in diverse world music, guided by a top motivational speaker and musician in India. Together, we’ll shape your event into an extraordinary celebration aligned with your progressive organizational vision. 



Keynote & off-site engagement with Human Percussion and Drumming

Transform your event into an unforgettable celebration together, echoing your progressive, united organizational vision and culture, all while being inspired.

Engage in human body percussion, feel the power of rhythm, dance in sync with your comrades, all while uncovering profound leadership insights tailored for your delegates, team, and event attendees. This immersive experience ensures a lasting impact, making it a memorable and empowering occasion for you and your team.

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