Bobby Dsouza

Bobby D’souza is a leading Motivational Speaker and Keynote Speaker who inspires and encourages people to discover a higher version of themselves. His inspirational keynote speeches are creative and one of a kind which energizes and brings life to every event and audience that he helms. Similar to the best keynote speeches of all time, there is never a dull moment in Bobby D’souza’s keynote speech, thanks to his extensive use of anecdotes, humor, music for creative engagement. 

Anyone who has heard any of his motivational keynote speeches would vouch for his genuine intent and spark. Each one of his great keynote speeches has brought people to life and has encouraged them to grow and self-actualize. Bobby D’souza encourages people with his inspiring keynote speeches and engages the hearts and minds of his audience. The audience goes back with rich insights as well as simple lessons that they can easily apply at work and in life.

We often feel lost in life. Even leaders high up, business owners, and employees with decades of experience are sometimes prone to cluelessness. Bobby D’souza delivers each of his inspirational keynote speeches with an intent to direct and guide each person to discover their path on their own. By addressing the audience with his best keynote speeches of all time, he awakens a light in them which shows them the path that lies ahead.

Now, by delivering some of the best keynote speeches of all time, Bobby understands that each audience is different and each event is organized for a special purpose. Therefore, he does not rely on repeating the same old generic messages for every event. Instead, every one of his motivational keynote speeches is enriched with highly customised content that connects to that particular audience.  He ensures that the content incorporates relevant insights which relates with his audience’s story.

Such great keynote speeches with intricately contextualized content provokes the audience’s personal mindsets to not just perform, but to outperform. Bobby D’souza helps his audience carve their own success strategy, providing them with guidance while being as objective and neutral as possible. At the end of his keynote speech, all he wishes is that each member of the audience walks out feeling energized, charged and most importantly motivated in life.

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