Bobby Dsouza

Many of us- especially individuals, small businesses, and start-ups- may not have the luxury of organising a Master Class or a high-end keynote speech. Not a problem! We invite you to participate in a highly interactive Public Seminar or Retreats planned across various geographical locations.

Open programs and public programs can range from being a one-day event to spanning across three or four days. Held in the refreshing arms of nature, these highly immersive events cultivate a feeling of community, a sense of being deeply valued for your unique difference, while also allowing for “me time”. After all, you deserve to relax in your own personal space, even as you enjoy discovering learning strategies that could help you to live a higher and better life. Let’s glimpse into one such event which seamlessly blends collective energy with personal potential- The YES I CAN public seminar.

A true inspirational speaker not only inspires his audience but is also on the constant look out for inspiration as well. He strongly believes that each person holds the potential and capacity to motivate people. 


A motivational and positive attitude can go a long way.  Bobby Dsouza encourages his audience to discover their own inner potential and will to succeed, and not lean on external crutches or situations, to evoke change from within. He only provides with a direction, but encourages them to do the hard work themselves and this in turn makes his audience more self-aware.

He believes that self-introspection and self-awareness are two of the strongest tools that anyone can possess and with these tools, anyone can grow, inspire and become successful.  He makes his audience realize that it is within their potential and capacity to change their lives.

His public seminar, YES I CAN, is a testimony to the enduring inspiration he imparts to people as he makes them realize that they, they alone and they best, can work on themselves to be their best selves. 

His open programs, especially the YES I CAN seminar, have already touched the lives of many, as these videos demonstrate.

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