Bobby Dsouza

Change is a fire waiting to burn within you. We strive to ignite it.

Change is a fire waiting to burn within you. We strive to ignite it.
 Believe in Bobby Dsouza, Believe in you.

Bobby Dsouza

My story

In the heart of Mumbai’s challenging streets, Bobby Dsouza’s inspiring journey stands as a testament to resilience and determination. Starting as a construction laborer at the age of 15-16, Bobby faced bankruptcy and emotional turmoil, shouldering the responsibility of supporting his family.
Amidst the chaos, Bobby discovered his ‘why’ – a profound commitment to caring for his family. This powerful drive motivated him to rise from the ashes, navigating uncharted paths in the vibrant yet demanding city.
Fueled by desperation, Bobby transitioned from credit cards to the dynamic realms of B2B and B2C sales. Failures became stepping stones, with his eagerness to learn from mentors and surpassing individuals guiding his evolution. Progressing from a sales executive to a territory sales manager at a young age, he later moved on to Concept Marketing, refining his skills in influencing corporate clients and understanding buyer mindsets.
A pivotal chapter unfolded when Bobby immersed himself in UK Telecom, gaining insights into the diverse landscape of UK customers, culture, and telecommunications. His ability to simplify complexities and rapidly solve problems propelled him from a foundational service representative to a key figure in Learning and Development.
Venturing into ERP IT solution corporations, Bobby delved into the intricacies of people development, learning and development management, and crafting unique interventions, especially for techies and leaders.
Beyond the confines of a single organization, Bobby extended his journey to diverse groups through impactful keynotes and masterclasses. His ‘Dare It’ courageous leadership insights, drawn from personal experiences and mentorship, have made a lasting impact on both organizations and communities.


Electrify your next event with none other than Bobby D’souza as his passion, positivity, and persistence spreads like a wildfire amongst your team.

Bobby D’souza is a renowned author and a Leadership Speaker in Mumbai who addresses large audiences of various corporations and prestigious educational institutions in his motivational keynote speeches. As an inspiring motivational speaker, he passionately inspires people to align their mindset to their unique path of success. He encourages his audience to utilize their full potential through his highly electric motivational keynote speeches given during seminars.

So far, 135+ organisations (companies, MNC’s, etc.) have availed Bobby D’souza’s services as a motivational keynote speaker 

where he has spoken professionally to more than 25,000 people across various industries and the rungs of the corporate ladder including senior management officials, executive trainers, HR heads, CEOs, etc. He regularly conducts seminars across campuses for students where he has motivated 6000+ students already. 

Bobby D’souza’s heart-warming autobiography ‘Fallen To Rise’ maps his own personal journey to his eventual success. In doing so, he continues to enlighten people on building resilience and taking charge of one’s own destiny. As an inspiring keynote speaker, Bobby understands that most people just need a little nudge to be the best version of themselves and he can motivate them all because he fervently believes in the potential that youth holds.

From a labourer on the streets to,

Inspiring thousands across geographies!

History and Bio | From a Mess to a Mesaage

With over 21 + years of industry experience, Bobby seamlessly collaborates with youth, corporations, and entrepreneurs. Rising from the rugged streets, he has inspired over 33,000 individuals in person and counting. CEOs and top leaders are captivated by his candid narratives of Daring Leadership   that brings  in the ‘mess to a message’ story solidifying Bobby Dsouza’s status as a premier motivational speaker in Mumbai and India.
Hungry for knowledge, Bobby consistently asked and researched, “What makes people keep moving forward and staying fired up despite the downs and ups?” This relentless pursuit of understanding led him to author the book ‘Fallen to Rise,’ encapsulating transformative experiences. As a top motivational speaker in India, Bobby Dsouza continues to inspire, shaping his legacy in the world of motivation and leadership. Today, beyond his initial motivation of caring for his family, Bobby aspires to impact as many lives as possible, encouraging them to rise and dare to do it.

If your event needs a spark to kindle your audience’s inner fires, Bobby Dsouza is your speaker!

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