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When did you last fail?

Do you fail too tiny or too less?

If you are Selling to someone in any way

Selling an idea, a solution, a concept, selling your qualities in an interview , selling a product or service

How many times have you failed by a no response?

How many times was someone else chosen over you

How many times did you feel utterly broken when that Big large opportunity failed at the very end

Now you could either sulk, crib, resent about it

& say, ‘I hate this, this is it, end of it! ‘

You could try and ignore the ‘failed feeling’ by finding an escape route

Or you could FAIL FORWARD

You could acknowledge that you missed it, that you failed, honestly

Then be thankful that ‘failed opportunities are rich lessons in the bargain’

You could choose to change the meaning of that failure to lessons learnt,

You could then remind yourself that even this Failure has taken me one step further towards my big goal

You could choose to investigate your failure & ask yourself

How can I move forward with the rich lessons I did learn from this particular failure now?

The top sales legends are known for trying out new things, failing too many times, then learning from it & moving forward
Are you ready to Fail forward

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