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Memorable Keynote for Portescap in Mumbai by Bobby Dsouza

"Keynote speaker addressing the dynamic Portescap team during the Annual Get-together, highlighting the importance of an Innovative Mindset. The image captures the energy and unity of the team's celebration, marked by smiles, cheers, and a shared commitment to excellence."

I am excited to share my recent experience as a keynotespeaker for the Annual Get together of the dynamic team at Portescap!

During my brief conversation with the visionary Amitava Sur, Managing Director of Portescap-India, I was impressed by the growing journey of this incredible organization, which has ignited my personal desire to expand big time!

As I also got to know the team a little better, one thing that stood out was their passion for consistently delivering High-Quality Solutions and their deep commitment to continuous improvement

My keynote speech was on “Building an Innovative Mindset,” and I was thrilled to witness the entire team celebrate oneness as they danced, shouted, and cheered while experiencing inspiration and musical euphoria.

My team and I helped them experience the power of rhythm, human percussion, drum and so much more, creating a truly unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share some time with the Portescap team and wish them continued success as they move from strength to strength.

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