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“Godrej Körber Leadership Summit: Inspiring Moments with Keynote Speaker -Bobby Dsouza

Celebrating Moments of Inspiration at the Leadership Summit of
Godrej Körber Supply Chain Ltd

I am thrilled to share the incredible experience I had recently at their wonderfully organised Leadership Summit that happened at the Marriott Hotels -Navi Mumbai
It was an honor to be invited to ignite, entertain, and inspire the senior leadership and all teams gathered for a thoughtful discussion on strategic growth.

The atmosphere was electric as I spoke on the power of building momentum together, for a change in the open air with beautiful mountains showing up near by . It was heartening to witness a collective dedication to accelerating progress in the coming times. 🚀

Sharing insights that resonate with the team’s aspirations, we delved into ‘Building Momentum together’ strategies for success and the importance of unity in achieving greatness.
Some pictures of some cherished moments from the event, capturing the enthusiasm and energy of the incredible team.

Wishing the entire team continued success and greatness ahead!

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